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So this is the first English article for this site. I was thinking about the right title suitable for warming up. And then the title ‘Read the World’ crossed my mind. It is actually a title of a philosophical video made by my brother Umar Muhajir and the script was written by a well-known Vlogger Aiman Azlan.

The video talks about the very first element of learning, which is to read. The word ‘read’ here can mean a lot and deep. We not only can read from books. We can also read people’s faces and know what elements they are made of and what future awaits them. We can read from life experiences and gain lessons from them. In the end, we can read the world around us and grasp the meaning and purpose of life.

The scenes in the video are from journeys to two countries: Korea and Japan. Aiman’s part was in Korea, and my part was in Japan. My purpose being in Japan was to bring tourists from Malaysia to visit Japan as my part time job, and my brother Umar was assisting me to film our journey.

So the video is a combination of both Aiman’s and my trip. For today’s article I’d like to share the video and the script written by Aiman Azlan that I think would be a great wisdom to all of us. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Read the world:

Read the World

by Aiman Azlan
St. Augustine once said, the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page. Hmm… The world is a book? Such a profound analogy. They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. That if you truly want to know and understand the book, then you have to read through its pages, one by one, until the end. Imagine the world is a book, and we are treating the world as if it is a book.

What if we are judging the world by its cover? Or after reading only a page of it. Would that be a fair picture of the world? Would that be a fair judgment? It would not. So we have to get out of our page and explore other pages. We have to get out of our chapter and explore other chapters.

Read every single page of the book, the way the author intended it. An author doesn’t want us to just read a page and just leave out the rest. A good book has a purpose, a message. And the way to discover that is by reading the whole thing. Read and understand every letter, every word, every line, and including between the lines.

Upon reading we might discover things that are different than what we are accustomed to. Different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Different doesn’t necessarily mean wrong. Different could represent another side of good and right. We might discover other beautiful ways of living that are in no way less beautiful and meaningful than our ways. Of course we can disagree with differences. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t live with those differences.

Living together despite of our differences, requires us to be open. And to experience life through the eyes of the other. To experience life through empathy. To feel what the other is feeling. To see the other not as the other, but rather apart of ourselves.

Fear of the unknown is real. And the fear can lead to us treating the unknown as a threat. The lesser you travel the lesser you know. It is like being afraid of the dark, but once we switch on the light, we see that there is nothing to be afraid of in the first place. The world is dark for those who don’t travel.

There are so many unknowns all around. If we want to remove the unknowns then we have to explore. We can’t claim that we know and understand the world if we only explore one place, one small place, our place. If we only read one page then we can’t claim to know the whole book. Even if we have read that page over and over again. We may have mastered the page but we have not even scratched the surface of the book. Plus, it would be boring after some time to repeat the same page over and over again.

We might think that there is nothing else out there. But if we don’t read other pages how would we know? So flip the pages! Get out! Explore! Experience new places, meet new people, discover new cultures, see new perspectives, and dive into what makes the world beautiful. And the beauty of the world is in its diversity.

After all, all the different pages are all parts of one cohesive book. Every part of the book is essential. If you take one out, the narrative breaks. And you leave a hole in the plot. You wouldn’t be able to see the big picture. And that leaves you with a narrow view of the world.

This book, if we were to read it page by page has so many beautiful stories in it. The stories are written by the author for us to read, digest, and benefit from. So read everything. Travel everywhere your feet can take you. It is truly an interesting read. You can’t get enough of it. This book, this world, is indeed a page turner. So read! Read in the name of the author who authored it all. Read. You will not regret it.

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